How to Justify Preparing for Zombies by Prepping for Camping

When preparing for a week or longer camping trip, you can apply the same techniques towards preparing for a zombie apocalypse.  Your necessities list will be almost identical, and it may make it easier to justify your prepping to your significant other if the supplies are for “camping”.


Most humans can survive for up to 2 weeks without food, however within only a few days of not having any most will perish. Water is not exactly convenient to store and carry, but is absolutely essential. If you cannot find any way to integrate large amounts of clean portable water to your plan, it will be critical to bring plenty of water purification and filtration devices.


For camping or the zombie apocalypse, you want to pack nutritious, compact, and healthy foods to give you the energy to fight, run and survive.  The Following is a list recommendation to consider for your camping and zombie preparations.

Canned goods- These are a great source of familiar and tasty meals, snacks and side dishes for your journey.  They are generally very stable for long term storage and taste great.

Staples like mixed vegetables and corn are always a good choice. You will also want to include some canned citrus and pineapple to ward of scurvy and give you some sugar for energy.  Soups, stews and meats are a great way to be able to eat foods you know and love while on the run or in the wilderness

Freeze dried foods- These are by far the most compact, lightest and easiest to carry , meals  and snacks.  Most of these meals are easily prepared with hot or boiling water, or are ready to eat right from the package.  Freeze dried meals also have some of the longest shelf life of any food, making them ideal to buy and forget until you really need  them.  Freeze dried foods have a wide variety of sizes and packaging types making them ideal for parties of all sizes . Number 10 cans work out very well for large groups , band the vacuum sealed packets are great for some variety or smaller 2-5 person groups.

Shelter- This is where your plan for camping and/or zombie apocalypse will guide your preparation in this area. Zombie Prep Supplies recommends the use of an RV camper if at all possible due to the self contained nature and ability to carry all of your essential supplies, gear and people if you need to travel. Most RVs have large gas tanks which make it easier to move lots of gear long distances as necessary. If your plan calls for a more mobile approach, make sure you have a high quality backpack with rail system and a very high quality tent to keep you dry and out of the elements.

Other recommend items to have handy for a quick exit:

Batteries, Flashlights, Aluminum Foil, Guns and Ammo, Knives and melee weapons, protective clothing.

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