Top 10 Essential Zombie Apocalypse Tactical Supplies

1. A Quality Set of Full Tang Machetes

Ammo May be scarce. Machetes never need to be reloaded. Full tang is preferred , when you are facing a hoarde of the undead.



2. A Fully Stocked Bug Out Bag

You will need to be able to move out in a hurry in the event of roving mobs. It will be crucial to have a gear bag ahead of time.


3. Tactical Zombie Stopper Tomahawk

This needs no introduction. You can easily see why this would come in hand. Cheap investment in your life!


4. Zombie Proof Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves

You need to maximize your punches in a zombie crowd! Do not skimp, these Gloves could be your final defense.

 5. Zombie Tooth Repellant Riot Helmet

You head is your most important asset. To avoid infection by a zombie bite or a splatter, always slash with the shield down!

 6. Anti Zombie Hoard Riot Shield

You cannot expect to travel with meeting heavy resistance. Sometimes its best to save the fight and just battle past. Zombies are very confused by the clear plastic "forcefeild" buying you and your family valuable seconds to flee.

 7. Crossbow- The Ultimate Renewable Zombie Slayer

You can continue to reuse the same bolt over and over again. Buy as many extras as you can afford and always remember to recover your bolt! Never let a zombie get away with one!

 8. Survival Knife - Zombie Stabbing and More!

You should always have a knife!  Why not carry one with a cache of other handy items. Storage compartment holds other important survival supplies to increase your odds of surviving the zombie infestation.

 9. Zombie Bashing Flashlight

You cant kill (or even escape) what you can't see.  This will be your invaluable source of light and protection. When all else fails, you have a heavy blunt object.


 10. 100 Round Drum Magazine for Your AR-15

You do have one right? You will surely need one in the event of a zombie Apocalypse. When the hoarde has already surrounded you, a little extra noise is not a concern. You need zombie stopping ability.


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